The Board Game I Like is Sorry

if my family were to play a board game on Friday night, it would be the game Sorry.  The objective of the game is to get around the game board  with the 4 game Pieces one at a time. The cards are for telling the players how spaces you can go on the board.

I like playing this game with my family for fun and to enjoy with my friends.   One of the best parts of playing the game is when my cat Toby knocks down all the pieces on the board and then we have to set it up again.

I like cats and Toby keeps me up at night, but he is not very good at playing Sorry.

If you get all around the game board I think you yell sorry and it means your half way to victory well I hope you enjoyed the post

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Candy Basket


The Candy Basket is a place where there is candy and taffy and chocolate. Do you know my mom and dad are the bosses of the Candy Basket. Isn’t that cool? I get to eat so much candy and make chocolate with my mom or dad. Also I get to make candy like milk chocolate & dark chocolate and also taffy with my friends and family. This is the best candy factory I know. I wonder what’s your favorite candy store? Or whats your favorite candy? My favorite candy is milk chocolate. Do you know you can make chocolate molds like animals or cars or sports and all kinds of stuff  like that. So I hope you like what I showed you about my mom & dads work named the Candy Basket

Here’s A Picture Of My Candy Basket

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My favorite YouTuber DanTDM & Stampy Long Nose

First I will tell you about Stampy Long Nose. He’s a You-tuber that plays Minecraft & Plants vs Zombie Garden Warfare. He also plays Mario Cart. If you don’t know what YouTubers are, they basically are people who make videos. A lot of people watch them and like their videos. They are famous for video tapping. Lots of people go and make stuff for them. They send the stuff they make to them. Stampy has a clubhouse  with all his 12 dogs and one cat and L for Lee. (which is a name). DanTDM has a lab with his pet grim who is made out of bones and Dan’s friend Dr. Trayaurus. They do videos like Mario Cart 8 and Garden Warfare & Minecraft. That’s pretty much it! You can look at some images in minecraft.


DanTDM with a dimond minecart.



Stampy with his pet dog named Barnaby.

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My Favorite Game

My favorite game is Plants vs Zombie Garden Warfare. It is a game that you can be a zombie or a plant. The plant team characters are Peashooter, Chomper, Sunflower and Cactus. The zombie characters are foot soldier, all star, engineer, and a scientist. It is a really a fun game you can do. Team Vanquish which is where you try to vanquish as many plants if you’re a zombie or as many zombies if you’re a plant. The next is gardens & graveyards where the plants try to defend the garden and the zombie try to capture the garden. When the zombies  capture the garden about 6 times  then they have to capture Crazy Dave’s Mansion. The next is taco bandits the zombies try to get 3 tacos the plants try to defend the tacos that are crazy Dave’s. And garden warfare 2 is coming out Well, that is pretty much it. Hope you enjoy!


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My Debate About Cats vs Dogs


My purpose: is to show you cats are better then dogs

My moms purpose: is to show you dogs are better then cats.


Lily: I like cats better than dogs because cats  just want love.

Example:  My cat loves to cuddle with me.


Mom: I think dogs are better because they can protect you.

Example: When our dog hears strange noises it barks to warn us.


Lily: Well, I think cats can be your best friend forever.

Example:  When the door is half open and my cat is on one side and I am on the other, he will open the door to get to me.


Mom: You can take a dog on a walk and teach it tricks.

Example: Some dogs can do tricks like swim in the pool.


Lily: Well,  cats can do  tricks like play the piano.

Example: I saw it on YouTube.


Mom: Dogs want to please people but cats want to annoay people

Example: Cats scratch the furniture, dogs want to make people happy

Lily: but they rip up plushes


Lily: For the above reasons I like cats better then dog, so did I convince you?

Mom: Yes but did I convince you that dogs are better? Lily: Yes

Both: it was a tie!

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Kittens vs. Puppies Who will win? By: Lily & Coen


My Purpose: to show you kittens are better than pups

Coens Purpose: to show you pups are better than kittens

Lily: Reason: I like kittens because they can do cool tricks!.

Lily: Example: Like play the piano and be trained to go to the bathroom and flush the toilet!.

Coen: Reason: I like puppies because they do tricks too.

Coen: Example: You can throw a frisbee and the puppy goes after it and catches it. They also like to lick your face.

Lily: Reason: I like kittens because sometimes they never leave you!

Lily: Example: Like they stay with you and keeps you up and plays with you!

Coen: Reason: I like puppies cause they give you company.

Coen: Example: They can go on a walk with you!

Both: Ending With Lily & Coen: So these are the pets we like best!

These are the reasons kittens are better than pups.

Which one do you like better?


Hope you enjoy!


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Google Cardboard! Coolest Invention Of 2015!

Hi i am telling about Google Cardboard. It is a new invention of 2015. I am studying about it. Here is what you can do with it. You can get and app and slide it in to the Google Cardboard and put the Google Cardboard on your head and look through the eyes and you see the app in real life, like it was the app Sonic Dash, you would see it in real life through the eyes. Now I will tell you the reasons you should use Google Cardboard. You can build it online and Youtubers can use it for their video and show kids about it. Also, scientists can use is to study about whatever they want to. You can use it fun! What do you think in the coolest invention of 2015?


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All About Me

Hi, I am Lily, and this is my first time on Edublog.  I hope you like all of my posts I am going to make.  I am 8 years old and I live with my mom, dad, and twin brother.  My older sister is away at college.  I love cats.  They are my favorite animal.  My hobbies include tennis, soccer, art and playing ‘Wii U’ with my brother.

I like to go to Black Lake with my friends, Arron and Landin.  We like to go often, because I’m with my favorite friends.  We also like to go to Great Wolf Lodge.

When I grow up, I want to work at the Sonic Hotel in London.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

sonic the hedgehog products 4892

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My Cats

Hi!  I would like to tell you about my cats, Toby and Lulu.   Toby has orange and white stripes.   His eyes are blue. Lulu’s color is black, and her eyes are green.  Toby does not care if I hold him up in the air, but he does run away from babies.  He likes to hunt mice.  We got Lulu first, then Toby, because Toby needed to have shots before he could come home.

Toby likes to get into my build-a-bear car.  He likes to play with me.  He’s a cool cat.  I also can make him play the piano, and he will jump to cuddle with my hand.  Lulu can catch mice too.  My sister took my cat Lulu with her to college, so Toby gets lonely .  I just love my cats!


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